Our apologies…

On the front page of our March edition we gave the wrong email address for Herefordshire Carer Support. Unfortunately, it was the email we had been supplied with. The correct email is


However, the phone number printed was correct  We are sorry if you were not able to get in touch to leave a comment.

Meanwhile, Herefordshire Carer Support have advised Our News Our Views of meetings for carers with Laura Ferguson, Senior Commissioner with Herefordshire Council, to discuss the proposed changes to funding for services to support carers.  These will not be a formal sessions but an opportunity for people to come and talk to Laura about the proposals.

 The sessions will be on:

1.     Wednesday 8 March, 10.30am at the BUPA Care Home, Leominster

2.     Tuesday 14 March, 11.40am at the Great Western Staff Association Club, Hereford

3.     Monday 27 March, 1.30pm at the Burton Hotel, Kington

 If you would like to attend any of these sessions, please confirm your attendance by calling the office on HCS 01432 356068.

Please feel free to share this information with any other Carers you know

The ONOV Editorial Team

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