Meet the team

As an Editorial Team we pool our personal budgets to enable us to work on Our News Our Views. This means that we can take part in news making, express our points of view and concerns and develop our reporting skills and employability.

adrianHello. My name is Adrian, and was born in Hereford. I have been doing Our News Our Views since 2014. It originally began as “News and Views” in about 2005.

We meet every Thursday from 9am until 3.30pm at St. Martins Church, Ross Road, Hereford. I really like my work, and the company. The only thing wrong is when the time reaches 3.31 and we have to go home!

When not at Our News Our Views I like watching DVDs at home, (mainly horror movies) and puzzles like Sudoku.


Hello my name is Laura. Like Adrian I have been involved with the newsletter since it first started. I like writing articles for the magazine.laura

When I am not doing Our News Our Views, I go to the Hougton Project 2 days a week. I also like going to the car boot in Madley, to the circus and auto-grassing




Hello my name is Lisa and I’m from Hereford. I’ve been in Our News Our Views since 2005 when the newsletter was called News and Views. It became Our News Our Views in 2014.

I like to write articles about health issues but also take turns at being editor and getting all the copies ready to post.

My interests are watching television, doing wordsearches, knitting and reading the paper.


peterHello my name is Peter. I was born in Worcestershire but I moved to Hereford in 1999. I have been doing Our News Our Views since 2013.

I like building up Our News Our Views from scratch and enjoy putting together the What’s On section and researching news stories.

My interests when not doing Our News Our Views include horse racing and watching DVDs.
tracyHello my name is Tracy and I’m from Hereford. I’ve been with Our News Our Views since 2014 but I was originally with News and Views for 3 years.

I think it’s important to tell the disability community about what’s going on in Herefordshire. I enjoy every part of putting together the monthly newsletter. I am very proud of our achievements.

I like using the computer as well when I’m not doing Our News Our Views. I am a member of Hereford Musical Theatre Company, where I perform in musicals. In the summer every year I go to a musical theatre school called NODA (National Operatic Dramatic Association). I love every minute of it!